extrusión de aluminio

Extrucolor expands its range of inspection equipment for aluminium extrusion profiles with a high-end traction machine.

Besides in-factory control, it also provides customers with the possibility of assessing their products with regard to their different mechanical properties. With longitudinal stresses, multi-point flexes, compressions and shear, we accurately define the extrusion profile and provide customer support for its applications.

Mechanical characteristics matter, not only in load-bearing structures, but also in many other sectors such as automotive, railway, roofs/tents, and others where extrusion profiles are stressed due to compression, bending and/or folding. The correct definition of the aluminium profile’s requirements is necessary to optimise product quality and satisfy the consumer.



Extrucolor is present at the most important aluminium trade fair: ALUMINIUM DUESSELDORF, with a stand set up using profiles extruded, anodised and lacquered at their facilities – made in Murcia, Spain.

This trade fair in Germany presents the current and latest trends in the world of aluminium.

Despite the bad press currently regarding aluminium, the trade fair stands out with 24,148 visitors from all nations, a repeat of last year’s high standard, with 971 exhibitors, a sign of a stable trend in the sector.

The trade fair is further proof of the future of aluminium. All trends concerning the use of this lightweight material in several sectors are rising and a significant demand increase is expected.

Electronic mobility, digitisation and sustainability are hot topics and will require more frequent use of aluminium in the future.

Extrucolor invites you to visit its next trade fair in 2020 (6-8 October).

The MUI visits Extrucolor with the mayor of Abanilla


The MUI (General Directorate of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity of the Region of Murcia) visited the facilities of Extrucolor this morning together with the mayor of Abanilla, Ezequiel Alonso Gaona, to discuss the energy plan of the Region of Murcia.

About the sessions for providing aid packages to companies regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy at the Casa de Encomienda de Abanilla, the Extrucolor facilities in the Abanilla sector were visited due to the Company’s role as its leading business.

The aim of the ERDF Operational Programme for the Region of Murcia for 2014-2020, within the Framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is to promote the transition to a low-carbon economy in every business sector and to make progress in evaluating and improving the energy efficiency of companies. For this purpose, subsidies are given to conduct energy audits and upgrade equipment or facilities, and improve the energy efficiency of manufacturing processes, as well as for executing and operating projects for generating power from renewable energy sources, upgrading facilities and optimising combustion technologies.

Extrucolor expands its facilities


Extrucolor’s facilities have been expanded, with the addition of a program-controlled machining centre to conduct all kinds of demanding work in all areas of extruded aluminium profiles up to a length of 15 m.

The machining centre is suitable for all types of work, such as milling, drilling, threading, countersinking, and cutting straight and mitre bars, at a high level of precision and productivity with a state-of-the-art spindle with a large number of tools reloads.

The machining centre operates on 5 axes including any work that may be performed at different viewing angles in the profile section.

Thus, Extrucolor provides the full service of supplying machined aluminium extrusion profiles together with the desired surface treatment (anodised or lacquered). Customers may order the profiles ready for assembly.

File No. RCI-040000-2016-104

Alberto Garre assesses the impact of companies such as Extrucolor in the Region

Alberto Garre

The president of the Region of Murcia, Alberto Garre Lopez, visited the facilities of Extrucolor, S.A., which offers Extrusions and Colour Treatments, one of the most important companies in the Region and Spain in this industrial sector, located in the ‘La Jaira’ sector of the town of Abanilla.

The president ended his municipal tour with this visit. Garre said that his visits to the municipalities of the Region since he took office were “very satisfactory”. He also said that nineteen towns had managed to significantly reduce their municipal debt in the previous budget year.

Regional Minister Salvador Marin visits Extrucolor

Salvador Marín

The Regional Minister for Universities, Business and Research, Salvador Marin, held a work meeting today with the mayor of Abanilla, Fernando Molina, in which they discussed various issues related to municipal development, and visited Extrucolor. Marin took advantage of the meeting to encourage the company to continue to make use of the aid granted by the City Council, included in the Industrial Plan, to modernise and improve its competitiveness based on R+D+I.

Extrucolor has received aid managed by the City Council through the Instituto de Fomento (Development Institute – Info). With this subsidy, “the Regional Government has contributed to the modernisation, expansion and improvement of its manufacturing processes, making them more competitive in the current global market”, Marin said.

The Regional Minister encouraged Extrucolor to access new international markets and to make use of the aid provided by Info to participate in commercial undertakings in strategic markets.