Extrucolor expands its facilities


Extrucolor’s facilities have been expanded, with the addition of a program-controlled machining centre to conduct all kinds of demanding work in all areas of extruded aluminium profiles up to a length of 15 m.

The machining centre is suitable for all types of work, such as milling, drilling, threading, countersinking, and cutting straight and mitre bars, at a high level of precision and productivity with a state-of-the-art spindle with a large number of tools reloads.

The machining centre operates on 5 axes including any work that may be performed at different viewing angles in the profile section.

Thus, Extrucolor provides the full service of supplying machined aluminium extrusion profiles together with the desired surface treatment (anodised or lacquered). Customers may order the profiles ready for assembly.

File No. RCI-040000-2016-104

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