Extrucolor has just begun using new equipment for reusing heat in the billet heating furnaces and anodising boiler, which will allow for significant energy savings, thereby reducing natural gas consumption.

The equipment allows the use of heat from the gases after the transfer of heat to the ingot and before mixing with ambient air. This use will be implemented through an air-to-air heat exchanger, heating the intake air stream of the burners, which is necessary for the combustion process.

With this plan, by increasing the intake air temperature, natural gas consumption is reduced by maintaining the same heating power required for the aluminium ingot malleability process.

As for the boiler, the use is made of the heat from the exhaust gases from steam production, which allows the temperature of the condensate return to be raised, via a water-air heat exchanger.

This improvement of the facilities has been made possible thanks to the European Union’s ERDF Operational Programme for the Murcia region, aimed at promoting energy efficiency.